Who doesn’t love a picnic

I have to admit that I adore all things that are picnic.  The food, the dishes, location and of course friends.  Since so many of my friends are in the art worlds of NYC, it is normal for the food to be especially  beautiful.  My last picnic was to eat a crab sandwich with my dancer/choreographer friend Kay somewhere in DUMBO but the weather conspired against us and we ended up in my apt with all the fixings.  So Kay built us our sandwiches just like one would build a sculpture.  She said the trick to her delicious-ness was that she layered the mayo very thinly between each item on the sandwich.  I have to say the storm out doors was hardly noticed because she made these 2 beautiful simple works of art and we talked about dancing, choreographing, love, loss, shoes and finally the art of living simply and well.  As  we sipped our hibiscus clove ice tea and ate indoor picnic sandwiches I was struck by this friendship that marks nearly 30 years.  This was the first of a series of picnics we will have together because we realized how much artists need to chat with other artists.  Next time we will discuss sculpture and film making.


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